Women Only Self Defense

Dangerously C.U.T.E. Self Defense for Women

Dangerously C.U.T.E. Women’s Only Self Defense is for ALL women ages 12 to 99+!

Hands on realistic training for all women!

Designed to train on how to deal with violent conflicts and react without hesitation to incapacitate the attacker and get to a safe environment.

Traveling around the nation teaching women life-saving skills from sexual assault, kidnapping, home invasion, car jacking, running, self-defense while protecting children present and basic situational awareness.

Endorsed by the San Antonio Rape Crisis Center.

Contact us to schedule a self-defense seminar at your location or come to one of our’s!

Our program can be used as a fundraiser for any school or organization!

Outside of San Antonio? We will come to you! In San Antonio or surrounding area? Come to us or we will come to your location!

Here’s who we train:

  • Schools – Students and Teachers
  • Small Businesses or Major Corporations
  • Small and Large Groups