WMS Training

Winning Mind Set – The Building Blocks for Survival

We have been training civilians, Law Enforcement, Fire, and Military Personnel for the past 12 years. We are now expanding our training into the corporate world. We have two 30,000 sq. ft. training centers located in San Antonio, TX and offer various training onsite as well as offsite available for your employees and company.

The following is a lit of WMS’s support partners:

  • STW Krav Maga
  • Con10gency Consulting LLC
  • San Antonio The 100 Club
  • San Antonio Police Department
  • Texas Department of State Health Services
  • Z-Media

For class information and quotes, please contact WMS@911kravmaga.com


Below is a list of services WMS Training Group will be providing:

  • De-Escalation Techniques & Defensive Tactics Traning
  • An eight (8) hour Rescue Task Force – Emergency Response to Active Shooter Class
  • Personal Survival Skills, Defensive Tactics Training, and Emergency Trauma Care

Additional Training Opportunities:

  • Women in Law Enforcement – Teach females officers how to successfully protect themselves against larger male threats
  • Edged Weapon Defense – Learn to defend against aggressive knife attacks from various distances and angles
  • Intermediate Weapons Operator Course – Tactical fire arms training while moving and shooting around and through obstacles
  • Vehicle Defensive Tactics – Defending against attackers entering your automobile, armed and unarmed, as well as outside the vehicle
  • Grounded Weapons Retention – Maintaining control of your gun in and out of holster for law enforcement and concealed carry
  • Subdue & Control Tactics – How to take control of a suspect or a disgruntled employee using non-lethal force
  • Dangerously Cute Women Only Self Defense Training – Specializing in women’s sexual assault and domestic violence attacks (this program has been endorsed by The Rape Crisis Center of San Antonio)
  • Corporate Team Building – Training corporate employees how to work together in any of the above situations or high-stress critical decision-making scenarios

All classes include a testing and evaluation instrument to ensure training objective were achieved, skills-based force-on-force training to reinforce the industry’s best practices, Medical Director oversight by a board certified physician, administrative and logistical support associated with training.