Personal Training

The evolution of Training at STW started back in 2001 with Krav Maga. As STW evolved, Group Fitness Classes were added as a way to bring higher levels of fitness to the Krav Maga training program. Over the years many forms of classes have been added to target different areas of growth and improvement in the members who participated in them. With these classes ranging from Cardio Bag, to MixFit, Rev Fit BootCamp and more recently F.I.S.T. Bag, STW was able to see significant changes in the members overall fitness and self defense.

We have now come to a new point and see that our members are ready for the next step in their fitness journey- Strength Training. Strength Training isn’t all about getting big, it’s about making you stronger, helping you burn more calories and become more physically capable of doing all of the things you love from Krav Maga and other sports, to simply performing better in our current classes. Strength Training is the magic pill for performance, weight loss or gain, and empowerment.

Please contact Tanner Dean our Area Fitness Director of Training and Program Development for more information.