SFP Training

Small Group Training Schedules:

-Special Schedule for Re-Opening Post COVID-19-

If you want Personal Training and you love working out in groups, but maybe need a more flexible schedule, SFP Training may fit your needs. SFP Training is strength based classes paid for on a monthly recurring bases giving you access to all classes on the schedule. So no matter what your schedule is you can pop into class whenever it’s most convenient for you and not miss a beat.

SFP Training is a 3 day per week program in which each day of Training is different and progressive from the last, as each week progresses from the last, and each month.  The program will be on a 3 month rotation and progression with you coming out Stronger, Faster and Prettier (SFP) each round.

The Program is written by Tanner Dean our Area Fitness Director so you know you are getting a quality science based workout.  It also means that no matter what classes or coaches you workout with throughout the week, they will keep you progressing on the same program so you don’t miss a beat!  Come in when it’s convenient for you and be guaranteed you are getting exactly what you expect.

If you can’t make it into our Facility to train, try our Online SFP Training –

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