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Cardio Kickboxing (Calorie Burning & Toning):  Polish and perfect your Krav Maga combative with high intensity movements sure to make you break into a full-fledged sweat. This class is taught by a certified, Krav Maga Self Defense Instructor.

MixFit (Fat Burning, Strength & Mobility): 60 minutes of interval training. Explosive, varied movements incorporated with heavy weights, heightened cardio work with minimal rest between each set. Be prepared for anything and everything.

KettleBell & KettleBell Strong (Fat Burning, Strength, Mobility & Power): Enjoy the Russian experience with this time efficient and highly effective training program for muscular strength, power, dynamic flexibility, and aerobic conditioning. Recently introduced to the U.S., strength KettleBell mainly emphasizes on utilizing your core strength. Unlike dumbbells, a KettleBell weight is distributed at one end rather than being even at two ends. KettleBells are ideal for performing ballistic, whole-body exercises such as cleans, snatches, and their variations. KettleBells can be used individually or in pairs. Anyone who is healthy enough for strength training can integrate the use of KettleBells into their training regimen.

SRT: Suspension Rings & Things: (Calorie Burning & Resistance): Suspension exercises and core activation will be the focus of this 40 minute class. Suspension exercise combines body weight and anchored straps with rings to provide an alternative to free weights and machines. The aim is to increase the body’s functional movements and capabilities by improving core muscle activation, posture, coordination, upper and lower body strength, total body joint flexibility and dynamic balance. It will leave you feeling exhilarated and strong.

STW Fury (Calorie Burning & Resistance): Experience the fury of 45 minutes of strength and resistance training with 30 minutes of cycling or sprint work. This is a 75 minute class meant to be a “Fury” of exercises. This is a physically challenging class!

Cycling (Calorie Burning): Looking to increase your stamina and endurance? Then work with fitness bikes to help elevate your heart rate, lose weight, and help you get those beach legs you’ve been longing for.

Power Fit (Calorie Burning, Fat Burning, Strength & Resistance): SUPERSIZE your workout menu with an order of an intense, 45 minute class designed to provide a fast, efficient, and high intensity workout. This is the “Boot Camp” of Krav Maga allowing any and all equipment to be used as deemed appropriate by instructor.

PSR / Yoga, Power Yoga & Pilates (Performance Stretch & Roll):
All three techniques are blended to help create a better balance for all. Foam rollers will challenge and strengthen your body in new ways to help you work your core, align your spine, and help you to release tension in those tender muscles or hard to reach places. Develop better breathing technique while at the same time improve your balance, flexibility and endurance.

Strictly Strength (Fat Burning & Strength): This class offers the traditional style of weight lifting that will target almost every muscle in your body.  It offers an anaerobic style of workout, with short periods of strength lifting and rest periods to offer maximal output to increase strength and power.

Rev Fit (Calorie Burning, Fat Burning, Strength & Resistance): A comprehensive program utilizing Revgear fitness bags, wall balls, medicine balls and resistance bands to improve overall core body strength, conditioning and striking skills.  This is a skill based fitness class open to all.  Required equipment: fingerless gloves.


Self-defense classes and specialty classes

KM 1: Entry level Krav Maga Class. Teaches basic combatives and self defense. Level 1 Krav Maga

Cardio Bag & F.I.S.T. BAG: Need something to hit to relieve some stress? Try our out of this world high energy boxing class using 100 lb. heavy bags, working multiple punch combinations using only renowned  Krav Maga techniques. This will not only help you lose weight, but release any pint up stresses while also fine tuning your reaction time. On occasions light equipment may be used, this class is guaranteed to always keep you on your toes.

GenZ KIDS Self Defense & Fitness (Blanco location only): Specifically designed for children ages 8-12. Your child will learn Krav Maga based self-defense, the latest boxing training techniques as well as a focus on increased fitness levels.